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Update: [link]
That's good to hear Axel! :)
Sounds great Brocodo will definetly join when the new update comes out.
Hey everyone, I created an official Discord Server for MortalKingdom. Join Here: [link]
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New Content In Development

As you probably know there are not a lot of people playing currently. We just want to let you know that we're not stopping with MK or anything like that, so don't worry, we're working on it. Just be sure to keep an eye on your email, discord announcements channel or the frontpage of this website to keep yourself updated on some big updates that are coming!

So what's the problem?
One of the reasons I explained a post below were the Exams and this also effected the development progress a lot. However, we've been questioning people and asking for feedback on why people are not interested in playing right now. We've been discussing this a lot and we're pretty sure now how to "make mortalkingdom great again".

The main problems right now:

  1. Not enough content. A lot of players have all classes mastered, have all items they need and there is just nothing left to do.
  2. PvP'ing in it's current state is like team deathmatch with no real objective or reward for killing eachother.
  3. Grinding methods that are now in the server (temp mob portal) is really boring and we completely understand this. We've been planning to create a custom grinding plugin.
  4. New players have trouble understanding the server or getting started in general
  5. Activity Depression Loop: Is how I like to call it. It works like this: Let's say there are still 20 people who would like to play if there were some people online, but at the moment there's nobody online. All those 20 people will not join the server because there is nobody already online.

How we're going to fix them:

  1. We're currently working very hard on developing new content for you. A very exciting thing we're creating right now are Dungeons. These will become the new (and fun) grinding method of MK, instead of boring Mobarena's. More info about this soon! To counter the problem of player's maxing all classes is easy, we're going to create more classes. Next to classes and dungeons we're also adding rare/expensive items like Enchantment Scrolls with custom coded enchantments you've never seen before. You'll be able to get these items by buying them with KC (if you can afford it) or killing the final boss in a dungeon.
  2. To make PvP'ing more interesting we plan to create a leaderboards / ELO system to keep track of your PvP skill level compared to others. Next to leaderboard we're also planning on added a competitive objective, like Capture the Flag! i.e.: there will be 1 flag in the PvP World and the Team that posesses the flag receives bonusses and rewards.
  3. Read (1) about dungeons.
  4. We're going to improve the Tutorial and information/documentation about the server so new players will have an easier time understanding the server.
  5. Activity Depression Loop: This one is pretty hard to solve and comes mostly from you guys. The best way to gather players to come online is by announcing a release date/time for something. This could be an event (weekly sunday battle?) or a big update/patch with a lot of new content.

Next BIG Update/Patch
We think it's best to release content in a big update/patch. If we want to revive the server we have to announce and release something big, so everyone will be excited to play the new content at the same time. We will announce the next (big) update atleast a few days before it releases, so that everyone will be notified about it. It will probably include many new content from the list above. At the same time, we will invest a lot of money (that you guys donated) into an advertisement to gain new players. I want to thank everyone who donated, because we would not be able to buy such an advertisement without your support. Great things are coming to MK soon. And with soon, I don't know how long it's gonna take, but we're doing our very best. I'll keep you guys updated on the progress. Here are some dungeon (work in progress) sneak pics:


Exams & Player Count

So as you may have noticed, the server is a bit more quiet than a week ago. A reason for this might be that players just lose interest in the server, but that's probably not the main reason right now.

A lot of people, including myself, need to study for their exams or tests. I can confirm that at least 25% of the playerbase is in the same boat as me and has no time to play a lot of videogames at the moment. Also, because I'm one of those people that needs to study, I can't create new content untill my exams are over. This means that the server is just having a quiet week and I expect the server to be more lively next weekend.

New content
Next to that, we've got a lot of new things planned. Inlcuding Elementalist, New Mobarena Plugin, NPC Shop at spawns and a brand new promotional Trailer! We will also put more focus on making the server more "newbie" friendly, and invest in advertising to increase the flow of new players. I'm planning to release Patch 1.4 next weekend, including at least one of the above new content.


Patch 1.3
Scout Release & Class Changes

Scout is now officially available for everyone who mastered Archer! The scout is a more mobile version of Archer with 4 unique skills: Grapple, Chainshot, Haste and Preciseshot. This patch also includes the following class changes:

ASSASSIN: -1.5 Attack Damage
ASSASSIN: Taking damage and casting skills will cancel smoke
MAGE: ICEBOLT now slows the target for 1 second
ARCHER: ICEARROW and FIREARROW cooldown extremely reduced, but charge will always be 1 arrow per cast.

VOTE HERE for new content in the next patch.


Downtime of +/- 30 Minutes (16:00)
Server Move

Today the server will be moved to a different Node/server. This is done to increase performance and probably will fix the lag issues we're randomly experiencing. This will take about 30 minutes. Nothing will change for you. I will keep this post updated. I expect the server to be online by 16:30.

If you do not want to wait for play.mortalkingdom.com to update,
add IP: mc.mortalkingdom.com


Patch 1.1
First update!

Today PATCH 1.1 rolled out including some class balancing changes and a brand "new" class Assassin. This was chosen by you guys on the previous POLL so that's why Assassin was the first new content. Of course I also fixed loads of bugs and other issues. So, Assassin is of the list. Now VOTE HERE for the next patch and decide which new content will be added in the next PATCH.


20:00 PM, Amsterdam | OPENED THE SERVER

Wow! We didn't expect to see so many players at the launch, I guess the word spread rather quickly and far. At 20:00 PM today we launched a new adventure, or actually revived an old one: DutchKingdom. I hope that you all are having a great time. But we have ALOT more things in store for you. We're planning on adding so many new features, that we need your help on deciding which new content we should create first. You like PvP? Then you probably look forward to Assassin! You want more money or easier ways to get items? Then you will be thrilled to use a NPC trader. Either way, cast your VOTE HERE.


DutchKingdom Remake
For everyone who didn't know, back in 2012 I started a server called "DutchKingdom". At that time it was one of the top servers in The Netherlands and one of the very few RPG-Based PvP servers. At some point we managed to reach the cap of 100 players in the server and looked down from the top of the most famous dutch serverlist at that time as we stood at #1. It was a server that was all about 2 factions called "Black and White" that were facing eachother in an endless war. Each had a city of it's own with plots that players could rent and create whatever they like: A home for all of your friends, a chest rental business, a bread shop, weapon shop, you name it. The constant thread of team based PvP, unique classes with skills, plots, and one of the best communities that I know made DutchKingdom or DK the best online experience I've ever had. Of course I was the owner and this is a different perspective for actual players, but till this day I still get people asking me about DutchKingdom and how great it was. Take a look at this trailer.

DutchKingdom Trailer - 3 Years Ago

"Remember the great times we had on DutchKingdom back in the day?" someone asked me, "Yes, of course I do." I answered. "Can you remake DutchKingdom?", is what I heard a lot of times from different people. MortalClans as it is now is a great concept, but an unfinished one. And I will never be able to finish it because it requires too much time and people, two things we don't really have. DutchKingdom had a smaller scope and back in the day I also went to school and managed the server without any problems, so when it became clear to me that MoralClans is too high to reach and someone asked me again. "Can you remake DutchKingdom and make us relive the good old times?", yes I can, why not? We will make it even better.

Spread the word
Have you played on DutchKingdom back in the day? Then you will enjoy this server just as you did in 2012-2014. You can help us revive the community by letting everyone know this great news. Especially people that also played on DK who you still know, but DK will also welcome new players to become part of this great community.
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