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Patch 1.44 is live! Introducing our latest new event: Castle Wars - An all-week Black vs White build & fight challenge.
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Capture The Flag - PvP Montage

Every day at 8:00 PM the CTF event starts and both team Black and White give everything they've got to get a hold of the flag and win the event for big rewards like Money and Class Experience.


Relaunch 8/25/2017 (Patch 1.40)

On august the 25th at 8:00 PM MortalKingdom will re-open it's doors with a big content update, Patch 1.40. Including new classes, a Capture The Flag event, Dungeons and more! Read the patchnotes below for more information.

What is new?
Most players got bored after around 2 weeks of playing as there was simply not enough content. That's why Patch 1.40 adds a lot of new content and features to MK. Based on the players their feedback we decided to change and add a bunch of things in the server.

New classes: The 1.40 patch will contain atleast 2 new classes, if time allows 3.

Capture The Egg: We're planning on adding different events to MK. Patch 1.40 contains the first event, Capture the Flag (egg). The CTF event will occur every day at a set time and last for a few hours in which both teams try to capture 1 flag (dragon egg) and keep it in their team's city. The team with the highes possession time wins the event. Players who participate receive EXP and MONEY. A win for your team and higher participation will lead to a higher reward.

Dungeons: The Mobarena plugin caused a lot of lagspikes and even crashes. That's why we created our own plugin to replace the grinding method. On relaunch, there will be 1 dungeon type called "Verlum" containing multiple lobbies so at least 25 players can play at once. More dungeons will be created later on, as we first want gather player feedback on the new plugin. A dungeon consists of multiple different and random rooms which you need to complete in order to proceed to the next room. The more rooms you are able to clear, the harder it gets and the higher the reward each room, untill you reach the boss room and complete the dungeon. But beware, defeating or even reaching the boss room is hard and considered a serious challenge.

Enchantments: Unlike vanilla minecraft enchantments, we've created a new and unique system for weapon/armor enchantments. In MK, enchantments will function like mini-skills that everyone can use when wielding the armor or weapon. They will be purchable with in-game money and are considered (expensive) high end gear.

Usability Improvements: Simply put, we've improved a lot of interfaces like /class list and added more information about everything in the server. Like being able to check another class's skills with /skills [class] and also a /help command with everything you need to know about MK and how it works. The tutorial has been remade aswell to help new players blend in better.

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